So it appears I have been falling behind a bit on my blogging.  Sorry about that, my dedicated readers.  I just got back on Monday from Cusco and Machu Picchu with my whole program and am leaving tomorrow to go to the jungle in Iquitos with some program friends, but for now you will hear […]

It’s starting to feel like all I do in Peru is course readings and weekend vacations (which doesn’t seem like such a bad life to me).  This weekend there was a holiday on Friday, so my host family used the long weekend to take a trip!  They were so nice to invite me along and […]

This weekend I went with 5 program friends to Ica and Nasca.  We left at 7am on Friday morn’ and took a bus to Ica.  I have to say that it was the most luxurious bus I have ever been on.  They fed us meals and played Pitch Perfect with Spanish subtitles on our bus […]

Now that I’ve been in Lima for two weeks I feel like I’m really starting to get used to the city.  I know how to take the buses to all the important places and have found some great spots to eat (and let me tell you, there are tons of them).  I don’t have too […]

I’ve been in Lima for a little under a week now.  I’m still in orientation, so we’ve been doing some touristy things as well as some logistics like getting cellphones and learning how to get to our university (I keep forgetting that I’ll actually be going to school here).  There are 22 students on my […]